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Meeting Notice for 42nd Commercial Co-ordination Committee Meeting of NERPC Isuued

Agenda of 180th OCC Meeting of NERPC Isuued

Minutes of 179th OCC Meeting of NERPC Isuued

Latest Energy Accounts

Corrigendum to the REVISED Statement of compensation due to part load operation due to SCED (FORMAT SCED 4) for the month of April 2020 to March 2021

Corrigendum to the Compensation Accounts for degradation of SHR, AEC and SFOC for NTPC BGTPP for 01.04.2020 to 31.03.2021

RRAS Statement Accounts from 28.06.21-11.07.21 (2Weeks) issued

RRAS Data file for 28.06.21-11.07.21 (2Weeks) issued

FRAS & AGC Statement Accounts from 14.06.21-11.07.21 (4Weeks) issued

FRAS & AGC Data file for 14.06.21-11.07.21 (4Weeks) issued

DSM Data file for 28.06.21-11.07.21 (2Weeks) issued

DSM Statement Accounts from 28.06.21-11.07.21 (2Weeks) issued

Corrigendum to REA for the month of June 2021 issued

REA (including Bilateral Exchanges & URS Statement)for the month of June 2021 issued

Reactive Accounts for the period from 19.04.21 to 09.05.2021 (3Weeks) issued


Notification of Chairman of NERPC for the year 2021-2022

Notification of Chairman of TCC for the year 2021-2022

All India Pension Adalat

Lists of Pensioners/Family Pensioners in r.o of NERPC/NEREB/

Wt. Average Share Allocation as on 31.05.2018

LGBR 2018-19 for North-Eastern Region

Click here to download the format for submitting protection details (with typical example) in excel