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Ancillary Service Operation
CERC vide. No. 18/1/2013/Reg.Aff.(AS Regul.)/CERC dated 19th August 2015 had notified the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (Ancillary Services Operations) Regulations, 2015. The Detailed Procedure designates different roles, amongst which role of RPC is as follows:

6. Role of Regional Power Committees (RPC)

6.1. Based on the data provided by the RRAS Providers, the RPCs shall publish the following information (as per Format-AS3) on their respective websites on a monthly basis by the 12th day of current month (if 12th day is holiday, then next working day).

a) RRAS Provider Station Name

b) Unit wise and Total Installed/Effective Capacity (MW)

c) Type of fuel used

d) Maximum possible ex-bus injection (including overload if any)

e) Region and Bid Area

f) Ramp Up Rate (MW/Min.)

g) Ramp Down Rate (MW/Min.)

h) Station Technical Minimum (MW and in %), as per the relevant CERC Regulations on technical minimum of plants

i) Fixed cost or Capacity Charges (paise/kWh up to one decimal place)

j) Variable cost or Energy Charges (paise/kWh up to one decimal place)

k) Start-up time for cold start and warm start

l) Module constraints, if any, in the case of gas based stations.

The above information will be used for despatch of RRAS from the 16thday of the current month till the 15th day of the next month. A suitable and mutually agreed file transfer protocol shall be developed for exchange of above information between the RPCs and the Nodal Agency/RLDCs.

6.2. The RPCs shall use the above mentioned details of fixed charge, variable charge and any other statutory charges applicable on the RRAS Providers for preparation of Energy/Deviation Accounts of the RRAS providers. Any post-facto revision in rates/charges by RRAS providers shall not be permitted.


Agenda for 161st OCC Meeting Isuued

Re-scheduling Meeting Notice for 15th NETeST & 161st OCC Meetings of NERPC Meeting Isuued

Minutes for 20th TCC & 20th NERPC Meetings Isuued

Minutes for 160th OCC meeting of NERPC Isuued

Minutes of PCC Sub-Group meeting of NERPC Isuued

Minutes for 38th CCM meeting of NERPC Isuued

Latest Energy Accounts

DSM Statement Accounts for 16.09.19-29.09.19(2 Weeks)issued

RRAS Statement for the period from 16.09.19-29.09.19(2 Weeks) issued

FRAS Statement for the period from 16.09.19-29.09.19(2 Weeks)issued

SCED Statement Accounts for 16.09.19-29.09.19(2 Weeks)issued

DSM,RRAS & FRAS Data file 23.09.19-29.09.19

DSM,RRAS & FRAS Data file 16.09.19-22.09.19

RTDA for June 2019 issued

RTA for September 2019 issued

Bilateral Exchanges for the month of September 2019 issued

REA for the month of September 2019 issued

URS Adjustment for the month of September 2019 issued

Reviewed Compensation Accounts for degradation of SHR, AEC &SFOC upto August 2019 issued

Reactive Accounts for the period from 19.08.19 to 08.09.19 (3Weeks) issued


Notification of Chairman of NERPC

Lists of Pensioners/Family Pensioners in r.o of NERPC/NEREB/

Notification of Chairman TCC

Wt. Average Share Allocation as on 31.05.2018

LGBR 2018-19 for North-Eastern Region

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